Witchcraft which Witches practice, traditionally means using magic or supernatural powers to harm other people. Witches have usually accused women believed to have attacked their community and often communed with evil beings.

Here are some types of Witches.

Coven-based witch

This witch operates as part of a wider group of witches and combines their magical powers and skills to create more potent, more significant spells.

Solitary witch

A witch who works alone and follows one particular branch of witchcraft.

Solitary witch

Hereditary witch

A hereditary witch is inherited their powers and practice through their family line.

Crystal witch

Crystal witches are connected with the power of crystals, stones, gems, and rocks and enhance their lives by curing crystal magic.

Cosmic witch

Cosmic witches are mainly focused on the Moon cycle lunar energies.

Green witch

These magical workers draw their power, tools, and rituals from the earth’s source.

Hedge witch

Hedge witches evolve their own kind of magic, focusing  on creating healing remedies and working with the elements, nature, crafts, and herbalism.

Plant witch

Plant witches’ practices might focus on a connection with nature and use them in rituals, potions, and spells.

Gray witch

Gray witches seek justice and the correction of unfair circumstances.

Eclectic witch

Eclectic witches tend to choose whatever practices, rituals,  ideas feel good to them in the moment.

Eclectic witch

Folk witch

A folk witch practices folk magic that is come from their family or their local community.

Baby witch

Baby witches are simply beginner witches.

Kitchen witch

A kitchen witch focuses on the kitchen. Kitchen witches prepare meals for specific purposes to share with their community.

Hearth witch

Hearth witch mainly focus on objects and rituals that are used around the home.

 House witch

A House witch concentrates on making their house a magical space.

 Ceremonial witch

This witch is all about the drama of a ceremony. They mainly focus on ceremonial magic.

 Ceremonial witch

 Sea witch

Sea witches might practice water magic and use seawater in their rituals.

 Sex witch

The sex witch usually practices sex magic. Witchcraft and magic involve human encounters and attempts to control the supernatural and are often described as calculus for experiences and conditions that may not be explained. They appear as themes when people are concerned with unhappiness and harm, accusation and blame, risk and responsibility. The basic concept of magic includes beliefs and behaviors, where the relationship between an action and its effects is based on mystical similarity. Witchcraft describes how humans engage with magic. Witches and wizards appear with considerable consistency across worldviews that assume the existence of magic.