Many might think that witches were present during the olden days when they wore certain kinds of garments and accessories, which made their appearance obvious. But, as time has passed, it has become extremely difficult to spot them. Nevertheless, witches are among us, far from what you expect.

When people talk about witches in America, they are talking about the pagan movement or a group which follows practices with rituals from a combination of pre-Christian religions, Masonic societies, or the Western occult.


What is it like to be a witch?

There are different forms of witchcraft, also called paganism. But all the practices of witchcraft share a common belief. They have the following in common:

  • All forms worship multiple Gods and Goddesses
  • They worship nature
  • They believe that the male and female forces have equal powers,
  • They believe in the reincarnation process called Summerland but do not believe in the existence of hell or heaven.
  • They do not follow the idea of sin but follow the concept of Karma.

Surprising facts about witches

Here are some interesting facts about witches that you didn’t know!

They are often invisible.

By this, we do not mean they are literally invisible. They do not announce or showcase to the world their witchcraft practices unless otherwise necessary. They do not wear attires, follow a gothic style or carry wands everywhere they go. Instead, they appear as normal humans doing their day-to-day chores.

The reference From Hollywood movies

Some Hollywood movies depict witches as evil beings who worship evil Gods and Goddesses. However, this is only the case sometimes. But they have some aspects right, like gathering and chanting in a circle, performing rituals under the moon, etc. Depending on the language they’re trained in, they also chant in foreign languages, sometimes in code words that ordinary humans cannot understand.

moral code

Witches follow a strict moral code.

For people without knowledge of the concept, witches might appear as people set on a spree to haunt and cause misfortune to the public. However, this is only the case sometimes, as most witches follow a strict moral code. They believe in Karma, which means whatever you do, comes back to your threefold. Hence, most witches ditch the witch war and concentrate on their goal – bringing themselves closer to spiritual enlightenment and finding the right balance.

Many men exist as witches.

As mentioned above, most witches believe that men and women have equal energy flow in the universe; hence the community is open to both men and women equally. For instance, Gerald Gardner was a male witch from a well-off merchant family who served as a civil servant. He also wrote many books on his experiences in the Witchcraft world.