Witchcraft is an intriguing topic for people, even in today’s world, which sends chills down their spine. However, not all Wiccan or Witchcraft practices are meant to hurt and cause misfortune to the people. On the contrary, many of these witches are practicing to reach enlightenment and strike the right chord with the Universe.

Witches and the practitioners of Wicca generally make use of various tools and instruments to perform their rituals. Most of them include swords and daggers; some also use essential and Magical oils. Magical oils are among the most intriguing and mysterious tools used in different Witchcraft processes. In the earlier days, these oils were used by Shamans and other healers in their rituals of magic, medicine, and other practices, which helped transform people’s lives in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

Magical oils

The use of Magical oils

Oils and fragrances have a unique effect on the practitioners’ minds, which is also believed to help involve spirits and other supernatural entities. It is also believed that the scent of these oils provides a direct link between the physical world and the spiritual plane. But what exactly are these oils, and what is their origin?

In Witchcraft and other practices, people also use natural ingredients like flowers, plants, roots, and some crystals. Unlike these tools, magical oils are not naturally derived, but human beings make them. New to the practice might need help understanding the actual use of magical oils, which can make them seem like a daunting experience. Without the proper knowledge, using magical oils in Witchcraft can create a disconnection between the witch and powerful substances from the other realm.

Essential magic oils were created to provide an extensive overview of magical botanical oils and their use in modern Witchcraft. In the book on Magical oils, the author Lisa Chamberlain explains the exact evolution of these oils and how they can help enhance the practitioner’s experience. Most of these oils are used in contemporary healing and magic, with a history rooted in thousands of years.

There are 13 different oils with a wide range of scents, healing and magical properties, derivation from pants, and many others, which should be known before using them in witchcraft practices.


Foundations of magical oils in Witchcraft

A combination of oils can be created by a practitioner, before which they ought to have the proper knowledge about the derivation of the oil and the range of scents, and the quality of blends. When blended right, every oil is characterized by its unique scent, and power can help in healing and other practices. If you read the book on Essential oil Magic, you will understand the following:

  • The use of essential and magical oils in Witchcraft
  • Properties of the oil that can enhance the powers of your spell
  • Blending recopies and details on creating your own magical oil