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You Will Find Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom

Read the anthology based on the goddess and embark on a journey to discover life’s mysteries.
Enhance your wisdom and knowledge with the goddess’ magical powers and watch the magic unfold in front of you.

Finding The Witch Within And Feeling The Power Of A Witch

The Path of the Goddess

Learn about the various goddess paths where you can connect with your intuition, nature, and many magical aspects you may not have considered.


Learn about witchcraft that was traditionally practised with supernatural powers to control people, events, feelings and much more.


Learn about the crossroads goddess and her powers, known to be the one in all and nourish all life forms from beginning to end.

Understanding Hecate & History

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I am grateful for this platform for introducing me to the many aspects of the goddess Hecate and her powers.

– Reanna W. Horn


Hecate’s rituals truly made a difference in my life, providing me with exceptional knowledge of the magical world.

– Richard E. Hughes


I learned about witchcraft, not just its negative aspects but also its positive aspects, which helped me improve my life.

– Mary R. Jefferson


I’ve always enjoyed Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and I had no idea that the goddess Hecate was the leader of the three witches. Thanks to this platform, I’ve realised who she is and her abilities.

– Karen K. Snipes

Ritual Heal Thy Crone Self

Heal yourself from within by practising Hecate goddess rituals to become acquainted with supernatural knowledge and power.

Goddess Of The Crossroads

Hecate Ritual

Use the elements from Hecate’s rituals as offerings in honour of the goodness to connect with her on a deeper level.

Magic of Hecate’s Moon

Learn about the various powerful powers of the goddess Hecate, who is worshipped in various aspects such as the Full Moon, New Moon, and Old Moon.

Casting a Circle Chants

Set up a sacred space to keep the positive energy within the circle, and chant the mantras to invite and experience the goddess Hecate’s power.
Hecate And Drawing Down The Moon

Crone Turns Witch A Must Read

Art Of Candle Magic

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Types of Witches, Different Kinds of Witchcraft and Magic

Types of Witches, Different Kinds of Witchcraft and Magic

Witchcraft which Witches practice, traditionally means using magic or supernatural powers to harm other people. Witches have usually accused women believed to have attacked their community and often communed with evil beings.

Here are some types of Witches.

Coven-based witch

This witch operates as part of a wider group of witches and combines their magical powers and skills to create more potent, more significant spells.

Solitary witch

A witch who works alone and follows one particular branch of witchcraft.

Solitary witch

Hereditary witch

A hereditary witch is inherited their powers and practice through their family line.

Crystal witch

Crystal witches are connected with the power of crystals, stones, gems, and rocks and enhance their lives by curing crystal magic.

Cosmic witch

Cosmic witches are mainly focused on the Moon cycle lunar energies.

Green witch

These magical workers draw their power, tools, and rituals from the earth’s source.

Hedge witch

Hedge witches evolve their own kind of magic, focusing  on creating healing remedies and working with the elements, nature, crafts, and herbalism.

Plant witch

Plant witches’ practices might focus on a connection with nature and use them in rituals, potions, and spells.

Gray witch

Gray witches seek justice and the correction of unfair circumstances.

Eclectic witch

Eclectic witches tend to choose whatever practices, rituals,  ideas feel good to them in the moment.

Eclectic witch

Folk witch

A folk witch practices folk magic that is come from their family or their local community.

Baby witch

Baby witches are simply beginner witches.

Kitchen witch

A kitchen witch focuses on the kitchen. Kitchen witches prepare meals for specific purposes to share with their community.

Hearth witch

Hearth witch mainly focus on objects and rituals that are used around the home.

 House witch

A House witch concentrates on making their house a magical space.

 Ceremonial witch

This witch is all about the drama of a ceremony. They mainly focus on ceremonial magic.

 Ceremonial witch

 Sea witch

Sea witches might practice water magic and use seawater in their rituals.

 Sex witch

The sex witch usually practices sex magic. Witchcraft and magic involve human encounters and attempts to control the supernatural and are often described as calculus for experiences and conditions that may not be explained. They appear as themes when people are concerned with unhappiness and harm, accusation and blame, risk and responsibility. The basic concept of magic includes beliefs and behaviors, where the relationship between an action and its effects is based on mystical similarity. Witchcraft describes how humans engage with magic. Witches and wizards appear with considerable consistency across worldviews that assume the existence of magic.

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The sex toys market saw a big boom in recent decades as people feel less and less shame in using these for their pleasure. There’s a realization of owning one’s pleasure, and well, what better than a dildo? Dildos or other sex toys have become very prominently available in recent years. However, dildos have also been around for over 30000 years. Dildos have a long(pun intended) history, with one of the first to be discovered in Egyptian paintings dating back to 3000 BCE. Not only that, there’s a legend that Cleopatra was the first one to make a vibrating one by filling a gourd with bees. 


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  • Soft dildos: As the name suggests, these are squishy counterparts suitable for regular fun.
  • Lifelike feel dildos: These are made of a variation of silicone that feels like a real one and also looks like a real one. These silicone dildos can pose a safety concern if the material is contaminated, so one must check the composition of the material used.

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  • Double-ended: Looking for some spiced-up lesbian fun or, well, a simple double penetration, double-ended dildos are just the thing for you.
  • Strap-ons: There are a variety of strapons that make the lesbian or pegging experience extra fun. Some dildos for sale also come equipped with a small protrusion and can be used without a strap, called strapless strap-ons, which make sure both the partners are satisfied.


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Powers That Hecate The Greek Goddess Of Witchcraft Has

Powers That Hecate The Greek Goddess Of Witchcraft Has

Greek mythology is an exciting genre filled with various Gods, Goddesses, evil spirits, and heroes revolving around their unique stories. One popular mythical character is Hecate, a Goddess of magic and Witchcraft. If you want to know about her origin, powers, and many more interesting topics, read ahead to find out!

Who is Hecate?

As mentioned above, Hecate is a Greek mythological character who was the Goddess of necromancy, witchcraft, magic, ghost, and crossroads. Also known as the Goddess of moon and light, she possessed knowledge of poisonous plants and different kinds of herbs. Although she was not considered a deity, she was still a powerful Goddess. According to many Greek mythologists, she had four sets of possible parents:

mythological character

  • Zeus and Demeter
  • Zeus and Hera
  • Leto and Tartarus
  • Pereses and Asteria

Powers of Hecate

Her farsightedness and an acute eye for detail were some of the main reasons for her power possession. She was entitled to so many names because of her tremendous powers.

Bestow or withhold favors

Since she was known as The Titan, she had the boon to bestow her power to mortals in dire need of something or withdraw them if she thought they didn’t deserve the wishes. She bestowed powers like wealth, good fortune, wisdom, and so on to the needy. She was also the one only to retain her powers when the Titans were defeated.

Ruled over the underground

Hecate was also called the queen of the night and often took trips underground, usually at night. She was often accompanied by ghosts or hounds considered outcasts by people. According to many circling myths, she took night trips to help other Gods. Some legends also say that he held the torch in each hand and went hunting for Persephone.

Power to see in all directions

She achieved the title ‘Goddess of crossroads’ because of her three-headed structure, which allowed Hecate to see in all three directions simultaneously. This also depicts her ability to see the past, present, and future in one. This ability imparted her with the right windows, which led people to seek her!

Absolute control over magic

over magic

One of her most intense powers was Mystiokkinesis, also called reality-warping. Using this power, Hecate could cast and manipulate magic spells. For instance, she could change the weather conditions in a region, turn an animal into a human, or vice versa. According to mythological books, she was also able to create monsters using bronze, dark magic, ghosts, and animal sacrifices. She also used sleep spells to manipulate dreams.

Control over dead and darkness

Being the Goddess of necromancy, she had power over the dead. She called on endless forces to fight on her behalf. She also put them to sleep with signs and gestures. She could also grab and manipulate ghosts to work in her favor.

Things you Probably Didn’t know about Necromancy

Things you Probably Didn’t know about Necromancy

Necromancy is the ancient practice of black magic that facilitates communication with the dead. Due to this, Necromancy is often referred to as the ‘Death Magic.’ Sometimes these communications are used to discover information about future events or get insights on certain questions. In ancient practices, Necromancy was not used to have mere communication but to bring the dead back to life and to make the dead perform magic at the request of a necromancer. It was also a technical field with entry to only highly trained practitioners. Although the ancient practice of Necromancy ceased existing due to the collective fear of accepting dark aspects of ourselves, this art of occult is still practiced in the modern world in a more implicit manner. Examples of this would be the use of ‘Ouija Boards’ and consulting ‘Mediums’ to communicate and find ethereal information from the dead.


The oldest literary proof of Necromancy can be found in ‘Homer’s Odyssey.’ The story depicts the practice of Necromancy to communicate and gain esoteric information from the dead. In the story, the powerful sorceress Circe summons the spirit of prophet Tiresias for Odysseus to gain knowledge about his future. Another notable literacy mention is seen in the bible when King Saul visits a necromancer to contact the spirit of Samuel to know the outcome of an upcoming battle.

A Necromancer usually has a familiar spirit who is continuously in contact with them. Moving these spirits from one place to another can often take up to six months. Therefore, Necromancers generally stay in one place forever- they don’t move around or change homes often. Ancient Necromancers used several instruments to communicate with the dead- the most popular of them being Oracular Heads, also known as an Oboth. Oracular heads are typically the skull and first two vertebrae of the deceased person of the familiar spirit, which are cleaned and filled with a variety of herbs and spices. The outside of the skull is then moulded with clay to resemble a living person. The oracular heads are only supposed to be acquired if the person whose head is intended to be used after death gave the permission to do so while alive. Nevertheless, most of them are obtained by force.

Although the widespread Catholic ideology and massacres of those who practiced the esoteric arts of witchcraft and occult wiped ancient Necromancy from the world, there are still people who practice it. These religions and communities believe that communication with the dead is no stranger than the approved practices of praying to saints or ancestors. Some groups that still preach and practice Necromancy are from Brazil, Haiti, communities of New York, etc. These communities use insignificant objects such as dolls or pots to house their spirits instead of using ancient instruments such as Oboth.

Everything You Need to Know About Hecate Cauldron

Everything You Need to Know About Hecate Cauldron

Hecate is the goddess of magic and witchcraft in ancient Greek mythology. The goddess of magic is often depicted as accompanied by dogs, holding a fiery torch and sword. According to the legend, necromantic rituals are often performed to evoke her, and she is said to appear as a snake-haired demoness accompanied by black dogs. In several other depictions, the triple goddess is shown to carry around torches, whips, a dagger, and a key – demonstrating that she is the guiding light to those in the underworld. The triple goddess is believed to rule the Heavens, Earth, and the Underworld and is often associated with witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, and the dark cycle of the Moon. She represents the dark sides present in all of us that are often repressed and feared.

The most popular myth about Hecate’s origin is found in the 8th century BC literature Hesiod’s Theogony. According to the literature, Hecate is the only daughter of Asteria and Perses. Soon after her birth, the Greek deity Zeus bestowed upon her the greatest honor of dominion on Earth, Heaven, and the Underworld. However, according to Greek Mythology, the Underworld predominantly represents the depths of the human mind. According to the literature, Hecate had powers to grant wishes, increase wealth, give power and authority, give victory in battles, to force revenge on unfaithful lovers. Hecate is also believed to have knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants and herbs. According to mythology, there is also a strong sexual component to Hecate. Her sexual power is associated with the moon cycles, which is similar to the mensural cycle in women.


In ancient practices of witchcraft and sorcery, Hecate was evoked in rituals performed in places where three roads meet – as she is the goddess of crossroads. It was also customary to place her images in front of doors or where paths intersect. Hecate was known to be celebrated every New Moon as she is the ruler of the night. Rituals for the goddess of magic can also be performed during the waning cycles of the Moon. In ritualist practices, there are generally three kinds of evocation- evocation with or without an image and evocation with the use of occult symbols. However, working with symbols is potentially more powerful than other forms of rites. Rites performed to evoke Hecate are often known to use specific sigils, black colored lamps, fragrances of violets and orchids that represent the night, and offerings such as bread or eggs in sets of three.

Hecate, like many other goddesses in Greek mythology, has two distinctly different aspects. This duality symbolizes the darker and lighter parts of ourselves. The darker aspect of Hecate corresponds to the power of destruction and transformation, while her lighter side represents the power of healing and creation. Hecate encourages us to accept the duality of the human psyche and balance it rather than fearing and repressing any one facet of ourselves. Another way of looking at the myth of Hecate is to associate her with the two distinct depths of the human mind- the conscious and unconscious. An improper balance of these two aspects can be detrimental; those who are not mindful of their unconsciousness are their slaves, and those who are not in touch with their conscious mind lose their sanity.

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