Ritual magic is also called ceremonial or learned magic, which generally encompasses a wide range of magical procedures characterized by various requisite accessories for the practitioner.

The term ‘magick’ is used to differentiate the terms from occult practices with performance magic. According to many practitioners and reviewers like Aleister Crowley, it is called the Science or the art of changes to occur in conformity with the will.

According to Crowley, magic is an essential method through which people can reach the proper understanding of self and portray the valid will of a person, which is often seen as a distinction between free will and destiny.

Ritual Magic

The general purpose of Ritual Magic

Ritual magic, also called Ritual Magick, is used in occult practices instead of illusion-based magic that magicians perform on stage. It follows the Grimoire, which is called the textbook of magick. It has all the information regarding creating magical objects like amulets and talismans and how to make magical spells involving supernatural entities like spirits, demons, etc. Many practitioners believe these books are imbibed with magical powers that help them fasten through the process correctly. They have also been believed to have supernatural powers. Although there are many ritual magic books, not all of them should be considered grimoires.

The use of Magical Formulas

The magical formulae are also called ‘The Word of Power,’ believed to have magical effects. These words have meanings that generally illustrate the principles and degrees of understanding the different forms and speeches of the writing of the magic spells. Although each word does not have an intrinsic meaning, they often refer to the universal concept of the occult when decoded.

A formula is created to understand the magical practice by a magician with the help of prolonged meditation on a particular practice. Once the practitioner adds supernatural powers, with the help of meditation, these formulas are used in practice, which is then believed to have maximum effects.

The use of magical weapons

The practice of ceremonial magic requires a lot of tools that are made specifically for the purpose. These tools are called magical weapons and are generally used in rituals to involve a supernatural or dark entity. The tools or weapons may also be used as a symbolic representation of the psychological elements in the metaphysical concepts.

magical weapons

Usually, a magic circle is drawn on the ground, which is inscribed with the names of Gods, a pentacle, a sword, a cup, a wand, and an altar which is meant to represent his understanding, valid will, his reason in also his lower parts of being. A vial of oil is also added to represent his aspirations. The magician surrounds themselves with scourge, chain, and dagger, which helps keeps the magicians’ intent pre. Some of the other weapons and tools used are:

  • Oil lamp
  • Book of conjurations
  • Bell
  • Wearing a crown, lamen, and a robe
  • Magic fire to burn everything after the ritual