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Finding The Witch Within And Feeling The Power Of A Witch

The Path of the Goddess

Learn about the various goddess paths where you can connect with your intuition, nature, and many magical aspects you may not have considered.


Learn about witchcraft that was traditionally practised with supernatural powers to control people, events, feelings and much more.


Learn about the crossroads goddess and her powers, known to be the one in all and nourish all life forms from beginning to end.

Understanding Hecate & History

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I am grateful for this platform for introducing me to the many aspects of the goddess Hecate and her powers.

– Reanna W. Horn


Hecate’s rituals truly made a difference in my life, providing me with exceptional knowledge of the magical world.

– Richard E. Hughes


I learned about witchcraft, not just its negative aspects but also its positive aspects, which helped me improve my life.

– Mary R. Jefferson


I’ve always enjoyed Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and I had no idea that the goddess Hecate was the leader of the three witches. Thanks to this platform, I’ve realised who she is and her abilities.

– Karen K. Snipes

Ritual Heal Thy Crone Self

Heal yourself from within by practising Hecate goddess rituals to become acquainted with supernatural knowledge and power.

Goddess Of The Crossroads

Hecate Ritual

Use the elements from Hecate’s rituals as offerings in honour of the goodness to connect with her on a deeper level.

Magic of Hecate’s Moon

Learn about the various powerful powers of the goddess Hecate, who is worshipped in various aspects such as the Full Moon, New Moon, and Old Moon.

Casting a Circle Chants

Set up a sacred space to keep the positive energy within the circle, and chant the mantras to invite and experience the goddess Hecate’s power.
Hecate And Drawing Down The Moon

Crone Turns Witch A Must Read

Art Of Candle Magic

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The Practice of Witchcraft in Different Parts of the World

The Practice of Witchcraft in Different Parts of the World

Since time immemorial, the terms’ witch’ and ‘witchcraft’ have always had a negative connotation, and most societies believed it was a form of black magic. But, on the contrary, many societies also increased the practice of ‘white magic’ with the help of healers, God lovers, people from the church, etc., who could reverse the effects of Witchcraft. In Britain, these people were known as cunning folk or wise people.


Witchcraft in the Near East

When sorcery and witchcraft practices started spreading in the ancient Near East and the Nile Valley, it played a conspicuous role in their culture. Their tradition began with anti-witchcraft rituals. The code of Hammurabi also described that when a spell is put on another man without justification, the spell goes to the Holy River and has no effect.


Both idolatry and necromancy are severe theological and practical offenses in Judaism. They believed that although magic existed, they were prohibited from using it on other people, which could potentially cause harm. That said, some of the rabbis also practiced ‘magic’ themselves or also taught the subject to others. However, these types of magic were generally seen as religious practices that caused no potential harm to another person or community.


The abolition of witches and Witchcraft in the African continent is proof of the practice’s early existence. Some colonialists tried to eradicate the concept of Witchcraft and witch-hunting by implementing rules and regulations by the law. The persecution is also encouraged of suspected witches in Africa.


The first case of Witchcraft in British America was seen in 1645 when Springfield and Massachusetts accused each other of performing Witchcraft. Since then, people suspected of following the practice were hanged or executed by law. However, witchcraft was considered essential to their social and cultural history during the Mexican Inquisition. So when Spanish inquisitors viewed this as a problem, they thought the only cure could be a confession.


In India, a common concept of a witch is a person with their feet faced backward. The land which believes in supernatural beings, witchcraft is practiced in India from time to time. The law punishes people proven guilty of harming others through such procedures. In countries like Nepal, the malpractice of women abuse in the name of Witchcraft is a prominent practice. According to the reports in 2013, women who practiced Witchcraft were generally closely related to the family or neighbors who had terrible intent for a particular family or person.


Europe was popular in the 14th and 15th centuries to have people that practiced Witchcraft, after which it only intensified after the social disruptions in the entire continent. It was also believed that people with power and prestige were involved in such practices. Over time, laws were put forth for the execution or punishment of witches in Europe.

The Use of Magical Oils in Witchcraft

The Use of Magical Oils in Witchcraft

Witchcraft is an intriguing topic for people, even in today’s world, which sends chills down their spine. However, not all Wiccan or Witchcraft practices are meant to hurt and cause misfortune to the people. On the contrary, many of these witches are practicing to reach enlightenment and strike the right chord with the Universe.

Witches and the practitioners of Wicca generally make use of various tools and instruments to perform their rituals. Most of them include swords and daggers; some also use essential and Magical oils. Magical oils are among the most intriguing and mysterious tools used in different Witchcraft processes. In the earlier days, these oils were used by Shamans and other healers in their rituals of magic, medicine, and other practices, which helped transform people’s lives in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

Magical oils

The use of Magical oils

Oils and fragrances have a unique effect on the practitioners’ minds, which is also believed to help involve spirits and other supernatural entities. It is also believed that the scent of these oils provides a direct link between the physical world and the spiritual plane. But what exactly are these oils, and what is their origin?

In Witchcraft and other practices, people also use natural ingredients like flowers, plants, roots, and some crystals. Unlike these tools, magical oils are not naturally derived, but human beings make them. New to the practice might need help understanding the actual use of magical oils, which can make them seem like a daunting experience. Without the proper knowledge, using magical oils in Witchcraft can create a disconnection between the witch and powerful substances from the other realm.

Essential magic oils were created to provide an extensive overview of magical botanical oils and their use in modern Witchcraft. In the book on Magical oils, the author Lisa Chamberlain explains the exact evolution of these oils and how they can help enhance the practitioner’s experience. Most of these oils are used in contemporary healing and magic, with a history rooted in thousands of years.

There are 13 different oils with a wide range of scents, healing and magical properties, derivation from pants, and many others, which should be known before using them in witchcraft practices.


Foundations of magical oils in Witchcraft

A combination of oils can be created by a practitioner, before which they ought to have the proper knowledge about the derivation of the oil and the range of scents, and the quality of blends. When blended right, every oil is characterized by its unique scent, and power can help in healing and other practices. If you read the book on Essential oil Magic, you will understand the following:

  • The use of essential and magical oils in Witchcraft
  • Properties of the oil that can enhance the powers of your spell
  • Blending recopies and details on creating your own magical oil


Ritual Magik: A Complete Walkthrough

Ritual Magik: A Complete Walkthrough

Ritual magick is a practice followed by witches and witchcraft practitioners to achieve a specific goal with the help of elements, spells, and other tools. Practitioners of this ritual see it as a step to understanding the reconciliation between destiny and free will.

Usually, such practices focus on involving or invoking specific deities by a vocal technique called vibration, which is the essential aspect of any magical practice. It involves physical steps like standing in a particular position, breathing from the nose while imagining a specific God or deity, traveling through the entire body in imagination, with outstretched arms, and so on. According to many practitioners, the success of this ritual is only signaled by physical exhaustion.

Ritual Magik

Techniques of Ritual Magik

One of the main goals of performing Ritual Magick is to unite with God by uniting with the macrocosm and the microcosm. Since it is an intimidating process, it is acceptable to use magic to create circumstances and prepare the body for enlightenment. Many techniques ensure the goal is reached. This includes:

  • Banishing: It is the process of elimination of all the unwanted forces and energies. The practice takes care in purifying themselves, their tools, and their working place. The purpose of this technique is to banish all the forces that might interfere with the ritual. Although there are many banishing rituals, The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Star Ruby is famous.
  • Invocation: The practitioner identifies themselves with the invoked deity with the help of devotion, calling forth, and drama. Apart from these three, many practitioners also employ the methods called assumption of god forms, where he concentrates on himself as the symbolic form of God.
  • Evocation:This means invoking the God or spirit into an item or oneself, like food, drinks, etc. The objective of this technique is to infuse the food and beverages with properties generally, which is embodied by different deities so that the practitioner invokes those properties on consumption. The Gnostic mass and the Mass of the Phoenix are the two most popular evocation techniques.
  • Eucharistic situation: This also involves the process which is mentioned above. It consists of applying the spirits and their characteristics into consumable things and objects so that when the practitioner consumes them, they employ the properties of the divine or the spirit.
  • Consecration:Once the spirit enters the body, the practitioner dedicates their energy to achieving the goal with the spirit within the body. This ritual typically means the dedication of the entire body to a single purpose.
  • Divination: It is the act of gathering information that can help guide the practitioner in performing excellent work and obtaining their goal.  The intelligence either exists outside inside the practitioner’s mind, which allows them to find answers to their questions.
Why Witchcraft Is So Fascinating

Why Witchcraft Is So Fascinating

Witchcraft is a form of sorcery that includes spell casting and fortune telling. Witchcraft has a long history of being connected to alternative medicine and healing. Across time and in various places of the world, the term “witchcraft” has been used to mean many different things. Some people view witchcraft as merely practicing the Wicca religion, while others think it involves malevolent magic or dark spirits. This word can also be used to describe a seductive appeal.

Why people are fascinated by witchcraft

Today’s people find witches and witchcraft fascinating due to the impact of mainstream culture. Teenagers who grew up with the Harry Potter novels and films now have more opportunities to get familiar with and curious about witchcraft. Towns in the American Midwest that were historically well-known for their strong Christian background are now becoming hubs for Wicca, a satanic religion that places a major emphasis on nature worship.


Wiccan is a belief that offers supernatural control over their environment, which appeals to young people who are searching for power. They see Christians living helpless lives far too frequently. Wicca has a particular allure for women since it places a strong emphasis on the sacred feminine and fosters a love of the earth and the environment. Women are highly regarded, and in some cultures, even worshipped.

Usage of spells and power

The study of spells or symbolized numbers is frequently secret, and those who hold it are either highly admired or deeply dreaded. In certain instances, a spell is the element of the magic rite or ceremonial that is most revered. Spells are cast with activity and a purpose; they are not hoped to come true. Contrary to common belief, most spells only need the magic trick’s own hands and will, not the waving of a magical wand. All hand movements, from simple snaps to intricate hand gestures, are employed to channel supernatural power from the Fount and create the appropriate magical effect.

How do the magicians use witchcraft?

A magician is a person who does magic; they are sometimes mistaken for sorcerers or witches. Due to historical misunderstandings where legerdemain was mistakenly believed to entail the supernatural, conjurers and magicians are frequently used interchangeably. The practice of magic involves ritual actions carried out by the magicians or other participants, as well as the use of curses and symbolized numbers that are believed to have inherent power. It is thought that a spell or chant can work magic by summoning power from spiritual entities.


Gender balance of witchcraft

The Feminine is regarded as equal to the power of Masculine in the witchcraft. Spiritual communities and influences can and frequently do have female leaders. Goddesses are abounding in knowledge, power, and beauty, teaching their followers lessons that strengthen the Feminine qualities of both sexes. Women are offered autonomy, Men are urged to be open to vulnerability, and both are consistently demonstrated how beautifully the gender gap keeps everything in its proper proportion.

Most Popular Magics Of All Time

Most Popular Magics Of All Time

Most people believe that magic is strange, fanciful, and belongs in fairy tales. Not at all. Magic is accessible to you. In truth, it happens frequently and in real life. Magic cannot be forced to occur. However, by being open to experiences outside of our existing comfort zones, we can encourage magic to manifest in our lives. When we make room in our lives and the world, miracles take place. Here are some popular magics of all time.


Despite some of its aggressive applications, abjuration spells are generally defensive. They hinder trespassers, negate bad effects, erect magical barriers, or exile beings to other levels of existence. These spells move their targets long distances, usually through the Astral Plane. The strongest of these powers and spells can transfer the target to a location on a completely different realm. These spells alter matter itself to produce an item or a being. The majority of these spells, but not all of them, require further magic to keep the creature held together once it has been created.


Conjuration spells entail moving things and creatures around from one place to another. Some spells enable the caster to transfer to another location, while others enable the caster to call items or beings to the caster’s side. Some spells conjure up things or effects from nothing. When the power of the spell fades off, the creation merely vanishes and the material returns to whatever shape it may have had before. The ones that don’t depend on the magic to keep them together last forever.



Divination spells disclose information, whether it takes the form of long-forgotten secrets, glimmers of the future, clues to the whereabouts of hidden objects, the reality behind deceptive appearances, or images of faraway people or places. It develops a hidden sensor that enables the inventor to perceive things across great distances. When being seen in this way, intelligent creatures may occasionally feel as though they are being watched. Several spells or even a small object can deactivate the sensor.


Spells of enchantment have an impact on other people’s brains, affecting or controlling their actions. These spells have the power to manipulate other beings like puppets, force creatures to follow a certain course of action and even cause opponents to view the caster as a friend. These are spells designed to win the target’s friendship. Such spells compel the subject to act against their natural will.


The senses or the brains of others are deceived by illusion spells. They make people hear phantom noises, forget items that are there, perceive items that do not exist, or recollect events that never occurred. The most pernicious illusions plant an input image in a creature’s head, while some illusions produce phantom representations that any creature can perceive. Even things might appear and vanish as a result of it.


Everything to Know About Ritual Magic

Everything to Know About Ritual Magic

Ritual magic is also called ceremonial or learned magic, which generally encompasses a wide range of magical procedures characterized by various requisite accessories for the practitioner.

The term ‘magick’ is used to differentiate the terms from occult practices with performance magic. According to many practitioners and reviewers like Aleister Crowley, it is called the Science or the art of changes to occur in conformity with the will.

According to Crowley, magic is an essential method through which people can reach the proper understanding of self and portray the valid will of a person, which is often seen as a distinction between free will and destiny.

Ritual Magic

The general purpose of Ritual Magic

Ritual magic, also called Ritual Magick, is used in occult practices instead of illusion-based magic that magicians perform on stage. It follows the Grimoire, which is called the textbook of magick. It has all the information regarding creating magical objects like amulets and talismans and how to make magical spells involving supernatural entities like spirits, demons, etc. Many practitioners believe these books are imbibed with magical powers that help them fasten through the process correctly. They have also been believed to have supernatural powers. Although there are many ritual magic books, not all of them should be considered grimoires.

The use of Magical Formulas

The magical formulae are also called ‘The Word of Power,’ believed to have magical effects. These words have meanings that generally illustrate the principles and degrees of understanding the different forms and speeches of the writing of the magic spells. Although each word does not have an intrinsic meaning, they often refer to the universal concept of the occult when decoded.

A formula is created to understand the magical practice by a magician with the help of prolonged meditation on a particular practice. Once the practitioner adds supernatural powers, with the help of meditation, these formulas are used in practice, which is then believed to have maximum effects.

The use of magical weapons

The practice of ceremonial magic requires a lot of tools that are made specifically for the purpose. These tools are called magical weapons and are generally used in rituals to involve a supernatural or dark entity. The tools or weapons may also be used as a symbolic representation of the psychological elements in the metaphysical concepts.

magical weapons

Usually, a magic circle is drawn on the ground, which is inscribed with the names of Gods, a pentacle, a sword, a cup, a wand, and an altar which is meant to represent his understanding, valid will, his reason in also his lower parts of being. A vial of oil is also added to represent his aspirations. The magician surrounds themselves with scourge, chain, and dagger, which helps keeps the magicians’ intent pre. Some of the other weapons and tools used are:

  • Oil lamp
  • Book of conjurations
  • Bell
  • Wearing a crown, lamen, and a robe
  • Magic fire to burn everything after the ritual
A Brief Overview of Hecate’s Cauldron

A Brief Overview of Hecate’s Cauldron

Hecate is an ancient Greek Goddess of mythology known for her association with crossroads, knowledge of poisonous herbs and plants, and encounters with ghosts and other evil beings. Hecate was also one of the many deities worshipped in Greek culture. She was popularly called the Goddess of spirits and was often seen practicing witchcraft with animals and different tools around her. She was considered the Goddess of the underground world.

Hecate was known for her association with the lower world, where she often interacted with ghosts, spirits, the moon, and witches with her supernatural powers. She was also popularly called the Goddess of enchantments and magical charms. Hecate was also associated with the crossroads, where the three roads meet. Hence, she was also named the triple Goddess, watching all three roads simultaneously. She was also sometimes depicted with three animal heads – the dog, the boar, and the hose. Hecate was always accompanied by a hound of dogs and was known to be influential both on the earth and in the sky.

Hecate’s Cauldron of Rebirth

Hecate often visited the underground, popularly called Hecate’s cave, known for the Cauldron of rebirth. The moon rose and set inside the cave, which was also guarded by powerful champions.

Hecate was often associated with the life cycle and was called the Great Mother of her role as a divine midwife, which people encountered in different tales. Since Hecate has been associated with both healing and destruction, she was known to guide people with torches, protecting them against deleterious forces.

For thousands of years, many of her followers held ancient rituals in the caves, which were sacred to her and her witches. These witches also cast spells in these caves. People believed that the moon’s rise and descent happened in these caves.

Witches from around the world still believe that by following a procedure guided by the Goddess of darkness, with the help of a cauldron, they have the solution to rebirth.

Hecate’s Cauldron – the book

Hecate's Cauldron

Inspired by the idea of the Greek Goddess Hecate, Susan Schwartz, released a book on the concept of witchcraft and other occult practices in 1982, read by practitioners even today.

The book discusses the role of witches in literature with a series of anthology stories. However, the author has avoided the tone of referring to a witch as that of the medieval period and as a European legend. The Cauldron is not stories about witches, their witchcraft, and occult practices but is a collection of fictional stories of fantasy that predominantly follow a female character. However, the author also rightly talks about the tools used for such occult practice, even if it is fictional. It is an excellent book for fictional readers who want to learn about the unknown of shady practices in a fictitious and fun way.

Five Major Types Of Witches

Five Major Types Of Witches

Someone with great magical abilities is a witch. A common Halloween costume is a witch that looks like the stereotype of a witch: a woman wearing black with a big, jester hat, a broomstick, and an ugly visage. The term “witch” is also used to characterize older, less attractive people, or, opposite, a young enchantress who has the power to seduce a man. There are several types of witches with unique powers and magical qualities. Some of them are:

Coven based witch

A witch works as a member of a larger organization of witches, sometimes under the direction of a mother goddess, who combines their magical abilities and knowledge to cast stronger, more powerful spells and bring about results for the community and beyond. Covens place a greater emphasis on magical ceremonies and rituals. Each participant of a coven is believed to be a specialist in a specific field of witchcraft, such as seduction, bewitching food items, or inflicting disease or death on others.

Cosmic witch

The astronomers! Astrology and astronomy are everything to cosmic witches, and they are particularly interested in the moon energy of the Lunar cycle and spells that either enhance or guard against celestial happenings. Although they are knowledgeable about star signs and birth charts, they engage in active, not passive, practice. They don’t simply tell you that Sagittarius is secretive; they actively aim to alter energies through information! You might be a cosmic witch if you are pulled to the heavens above and like the intricate scientific details of how the cosmos functions.

Cosmic witch

Crystal witch

Crystal witches use crystal magic to produce, enhance, and draw energy because they are strongly connected to the frequency and ability of crystals, jewels, rocks, and stones. A crystal witch is someone who sees auras, feels the energy, enjoys creating grids, and loves sparkly objects.

Green witch

Nature, healing, and caring are all very important to these magic workers. They use botanicals, buds, flowers, and herbs as the main source of magical components and ritual content and get their strength, tools, and ritual from the soil and the great outdoors. Although many other sorts of witches also cooperate with nature, green witches place the highest value on the environment. You might be a “green witch” if you are attracted to the natural environment, possess healing and calming abilities, and enjoy gardening and caring for plants and herbs.


While a hedge witch and a green witch are extremely similar, the former is less focused on the natural world. A hedge witch operates independently and disobeys any rigid dogmas, whether they be spiritual, religious, or otherwise. Hedge witches create their brand of magic, concentrating mostly on developing cures and frequently utilizing the natural world, crafts, and herbalism. All ceremonies are uncomplicated and basic, and everything is kept simple. You could be a hedge witch if you’re drawn to seclusion and want to create your special brand of witchcraft.

Everything you Should Know About Witchcraft

Everything you Should Know About Witchcraft

Witchcraft has existed since time immemorial, which traditionally means using supernatural or magical powers to harm others. A person who practices witchcraft is called a witch. The term originated in medieval and early modern Europe, where witches were suspected to be females who troubled their community by contacting evil beings. Sometimes, such witches who caused immense harm to the community would be killed, intimidated, banished, or attacked.

Witchcraft is usually followed by contemporary cultures with magical or supernatural power to perform such activities. According to many anthropologists, these were also considered occult practices, and they believed witches were the opposite of people of medicine and healing practitioners.

The concept of witchcraft

The concept of witchcraft has persisted throughout recorded history and has been practiced in many forms by various cultures. Even today, witchcraft is followed by certain cultures worldwide. According to many historians, this concept has also been one of the ways to explain the strange misfortunes of a particular region or community. For instance, people from the Gaels of Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland strongly believed in fairy folk that could cause supernatural harm.

The five critical aspects of witchcraft followed by most cultures were as follows:

  • It was a kind of magic used to harm or cause misfortune to others
  • It was used against one’s own community
  • It was considered immortal and often encountered by evil beings
  • The powers for performing witchcraft and its rituals were generally inherited or initiated
  • The powers of witchcraft could be thwarted by defensive magic or by causing harm to a witch

Practices of witchcraft

Witchcraft practices are generally of two types – malicious magic, forbidden by law and feared by the public, and beneficial magic, which the people and the laws tolerate to a certain extent.

Spell casting

Spell casting is one of the most popular ways of a witchcraft practice, where a witch casts a spell of words, formula, a ritual, or a combination of the three to employ magic. Generally, runes or sigils are inscribed on a magical inscription or a wax or clay image of a person to employ their magic and make them work most potently. Other ways of spell-casting include:

  • Recitations of the incantation
  • Physical performance of rituals
  • Employment and involvement of magical potions and herbs
  • Gazing at mirrors and scrying for divination, and many others

witchcraft practice

Conjuring the dead – Necromancy

Necromancy is the process of conjuring spirits of the dead for prophecy or divination. It is one of the condemned witchcraft practices that the biblical Witch of Endor performed earlier. In this process, witches generally go to crossroads and heathen burials to perform delusive magic and use this technique to call the evil spirits. The devil favors the witch as if they were rising from the grave.


 Things to Know About Real-Life Witches

 Things to Know About Real-Life Witches

Many might think that witches were present during the olden days when they wore certain kinds of garments and accessories, which made their appearance obvious. But, as time has passed, it has become extremely difficult to spot them. Nevertheless, witches are among us, far from what you expect.

When people talk about witches in America, they are talking about the pagan movement or a group which follows practices with rituals from a combination of pre-Christian religions, Masonic societies, or the Western occult.


What is it like to be a witch?

There are different forms of witchcraft, also called paganism. But all the practices of witchcraft share a common belief. They have the following in common:

  • All forms worship multiple Gods and Goddesses
  • They worship nature
  • They believe that the male and female forces have equal powers,
  • They believe in the reincarnation process called Summerland but do not believe in the existence of hell or heaven.
  • They do not follow the idea of sin but follow the concept of Karma.

Surprising facts about witches

Here are some interesting facts about witches that you didn’t know!

They are often invisible.

By this, we do not mean they are literally invisible. They do not announce or showcase to the world their witchcraft practices unless otherwise necessary. They do not wear attires, follow a gothic style or carry wands everywhere they go. Instead, they appear as normal humans doing their day-to-day chores.

The reference From Hollywood movies

Some Hollywood movies depict witches as evil beings who worship evil Gods and Goddesses. However, this is only the case sometimes. But they have some aspects right, like gathering and chanting in a circle, performing rituals under the moon, etc. Depending on the language they’re trained in, they also chant in foreign languages, sometimes in code words that ordinary humans cannot understand.

moral code

Witches follow a strict moral code.

For people without knowledge of the concept, witches might appear as people set on a spree to haunt and cause misfortune to the public. However, this is only the case sometimes, as most witches follow a strict moral code. They believe in Karma, which means whatever you do, comes back to your threefold. Hence, most witches ditch the witch war and concentrate on their goal – bringing themselves closer to spiritual enlightenment and finding the right balance.

Many men exist as witches.

As mentioned above, most witches believe that men and women have equal energy flow in the universe; hence the community is open to both men and women equally. For instance, Gerald Gardner was a male witch from a well-off merchant family who served as a civil servant. He also wrote many books on his experiences in the Witchcraft world.

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