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Welcome to Hecate’s Cauldron.....a website of  mystery and Magick, of beautiful Rituals, Invocations, Chants, and Dedications which will inspire you and enable you to feel the magick; feel Her power; feel Her presence.   Whether you are a new Priestess or Priest to the Craft, or a practicing Pagan and/or Witch of many years, you will find truth, knowledge and wisdom throughout this most magickal website, for in the cauldron of Hecate, you will be reborn into life, wisdom, and magick.    We are born from the cauldron of Hecate, and Her torches lead us through our journey of life. 

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Below are just a few of the many things you will find in this magickal website which will help you on your path on being a Pagan and finding the Witch within and feeling the power of a Witch.   Hecate's Cauldron has everything a Priestess or Priest  is looking for.  After all, Hecate is Queen of all Witches, and through Her Cauldron you will become an enlightened  Witch.  Hecate is the great teacher and it is through Her dark cauldron will you find wisdom.

Please read at the bottom of this page what PaganPath Network has to say about this most magickal website, as this site is listed as one of its favorites.

Some of you may have seen some of the material  in this website in another website.   However, you are correct, as I was in partnership with someone else.    I was the "Wordweaver" who provided all of the material of those two websites while Webweaver built the web and graphic design.     Since then, she decided to go her separate way and unfortunately took my material with her.    The name of the two websites are Hecate Beneath the Veil and Sisters of the Craft.  I state this, as I do not wish anyone  accusing me of  plagiarism, which is against the law.    For more information about this, please read About Me.

In Hecate Trivia, you will find Her magick; Her mystery and Her myth with several Invocations and Dedications to Hecate which will help you feel Her power and Her mystery.   From Ritual setup to Chants,  you will find all in Hecate~Trivia, Goddess of Witches and of magick.

In The Goddess Path, which is a must read for all Pagans walking Nature's way, i.e.,  the turning of the wheel of Mother  Earth (as the sun does not turn) Pagans will find out how important it is to embrace the feminine and  to follow Her teachings of love, compassion and kindness which will not only touch your very soul but help lead you to a more peaceful and spiritual life.  The Goddess path is quite simple yet quite complex. 

In Sabbats,  touch  base not only on the nature side of the Sabbats but also the spiritual side of the Sabbats.  For a clearer understanding of the word "Sabbat" please do not forget to visit this page.  It is a very informative page and a must read for everyone, whether you are new to the Craft or a seasoned Witch, as there is much confusion between Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft.    Some Pagans follow the true Celtic 4 Sabbats  to which Gardner called The Greater Sabbats.  Other Pagans follow the new religion of Wicca with its 8 Sabbats which is a combination of different traditions.  Wicca is not THE religion but a religion sitting under the umbrella of Paganism much like Catholics, Methodists, etc., sit under the umbrella of Christianity.  This is explained in more detail in my Witchcraft section of this most informative website under Witchcraft/Wicca.

In Moon Void Of Course, you will learn what void of course means and why you should not do any kind of magick at the transient time of the Moon.    Speaking of magick, visit The Art of Candle Magick which goes  into great detail in how to do successful candle magick and the importance of certain oils to dress your candle with. Speaking of oils do not forget to visit  Magickal Oils.

On the subject of Witchcraft, there are two beautiful Full and Dark Moon Rituals which will help any Priestess or Priest discover Her mysteries and Her power.  There is a beautiful Drawing Down the Moon which I have put together.  I have never felt very comfortable with Gardner's Drawing Down the Moon, as it seemed so mechanical and not from the heart and soul.  I have also provided a very powerful and intense Banishing Ritual.   In Sacred Altar learn how to set up a simple, yet magickal altar to perform all your magickal workings.  Altars can be as simple or as elaborate as a Witch wishes it to be.  Do not forget to visit Becoming a Witch and Magickal Name for a truer understanding of both.    Also, many pagans have asked me what is the difference between being a Witch and being a Wiccan or Pagan, as there is a difference.  Once again, it explains the differences between Wicca, Paganism, and Witchcraft.  It will clearly clear up many unanswered questions as well as helping those who do not feel comfortable following the path known as Wicca,  a religion created yet by another man.....a man who does not understand the Goddess.  So, please visit the Witchcraft section for all your magickal needs.

Hecate’s Cauldron shows you how to work with and be aware of the Moon’s energies.  In WitchCraft section, you will find topics on  Women and the Dark Moon, which you will discover not to fear the dark aspect of the Moon but to also work with Her energies during those three days when the Moon is at Her darkest power.  There are many Witches who say it is taboo to do any workings during that three-day time period.     However, this is not true. This is a most powerful time to invoke the Dark Mother and to do magaick.    The Crone and Her powers are greatly  misunderstood. 

In Tools of the Craft, I go into detail of the many tools of a Witch and that includes the Witche's besom for what would a Witch be without her broom.  But I also provide some thought-provoking concepts of some of these tools of the Craft as well as making mention that many Witches are now using the sickle to cast a circle, as the sickle is more of a woman's tool than a double-edged knife. 

There has been much discussion on Gerald Gardner and his claimed initation into a tradition of Witchcraft which is known today as the Gardnerian tradition. In Gardner Unveiled, there is an excellent report done by James Baker who goes into the "true" meaning of Gerald Gardner and Baker's research into Witchcraft and his findings of Wicca, the word Witch, the 8 Sabbats, the athame and how they came about.     In Key of Solomon, there is an in-depth comparison between the Key of Solomon, the Golden Dawn,  Free Masonry, and Wicca all showing where Wicca originated from.    Also along these lines, visit and read about Doreen Valiente and her true account of Gardner.  This material comes from her book which is no longer in print but is packed with valuable information.    All of this material is very important and puts the wise Witch even wiser.    These are a "must read"  in order for the Witch to get a better understanding of where Wicca came from and not something to follow simply because everyone else is following it, because being a Witch is being an individualist. 

In Crone Mysteries, there is much to be understood of the Goddess principle and the need for bringing forth the feminine in this very masculine world we live in.  Every Witch should read this, as it will enable you to feel Her presence by knowing why to embrace Her.    In Crone Turns Witch,  a sad but true account of how and why so many women were tortured and killed under the name of Witch and how women went from healer and midwife to Witches.   It is a "must read" for all Witches.  We must all remember those times and never forget what happened to women of yesteryear during the Burning Times.   I call myself a Witch because the word Witch is not evil and a very powerful word.  People make it evil through their ignorance and misunderstanding. 

Please do not forget to stop by my Link page and check out my favorite places in which to acquire magickal supplies for every Witche's altar and cupboard along with  music and Goddess pictures.

So come join with me and prop your besom against the mantle, and after you have made your Witche's Brew, come sit around the Cauldron of Hecate and journey with me and share in the magick, the mystery, and the sacredness of Hecate’s Cauldron. And please stop by frequently, as being a Witch runs strongly through my veins, and I will always be conjuring new material.

Also, if you have enjoyed your visit at Hecate's Cauldron, please do not forget to stop by and sign my Guest Book.             

 Blessed Be ~ Lady Hecate ~ and may you walk with the Goddess in your heart each and every day, for it is She who will bring you  peace!.

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