Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing down the Moon is a very serious yet magickal experience wherein the Goddess is called upon to descend into you, Her Priestess.  Each Full and Dark Moon Witches all around the world turn to the Goddess to feel Her empowerment.   

Wicca believes that the HP has to draw the moon down into the HPS.  This is not so.  One needs no one to draw the moon down into themselves but by themselves.  In fact in Apollonius Rhodis, Argonaurica 4.55 states:

"[Selene the Moon cries:] 'How many times have you (the Witch Medea] disorbed me with your incantations, making the night moonless so that you might practice your beloved Witchcraft undisturbed." '{NB the Goddess Hecate empowered Witches with the power to drawn down the moon.}.'

Everyone knows the history that the Goddess Hecate taught Medea magick/Witchcaft.  So (1) No one needs a male to draw down the Moon as Wicca would want a female to believe for it is through Hecate's empowerment that one has the power to draw down the moon.  Also (2) this statement shows that Wtchcraft was not a religion but a way of practicing Magick. 

Each Full and Dark Moon Esbats centers around formal Circle casting.  And though the Charge of the Goddess is always recited, the Charge of the God is omitted.  This is, in no way, a slight against the God.  Since the Moon is ruled by the Goddess and it is Her energy that we celebrate at this time, the God simply steps back for She is the bright and shining one of the night and of each month whether the moon be full or dark.  The interaction between the Goddess and Her Consort, Earth and Sun, are through the Sabbats.    However, the Moon is the Goddess, and it is Her energies alone that we are calling upon and celebrating.  Whether it is a ritual  to just simply enjoy the powers of the Moon or a ritual wherein the Goddess is called upon to descend into you, a Moon ritual is between you and the Goddess.  It is that special time each month to set aside Her relationship with the God and to focus on Her and Her alone.   

When Drawing Down the Moon, you cannot be concentrating on anything else.  Call upon the Great Goddess by invoking Her but then still your mind of nothing else but you, the night, the moon--the Goddess. 

In Drawing Down the Moon, after everyone else has been invited to attend the circle such as Watchtowers, etc., then proceed to do the invocation.  You do not have to be outside to do this.   Remember, the Moon is there whether we see Her or not, just as the Goddess is with us whether we see Her or not.  As I have stated throughout this website, visualization is one of the most important things for any kind of magick to work and that includes drawing down the moon. If you cannot visualize, you cannot only not feel her presence, but your circle that you cast will be lifeless. You also need to be sincere with the words with which you speak. Say the following with emotion and meaning and when She has descended upon you, speak Her words with conviction, passion and with Her wisdom, as you are the Goddess.  This is a Drawing Down of the Dark Moon.  If you wish a Drawing Down of the Full Moon, which I have prepared, then please visit that page.


I call upon She who unveils the mystery,
Ancient Crone, Hecate, who reigns
 as darkness falls upon the unlit sky
Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.
Hecate, this is your time, Eternal Goddess, Lady of the Night.
I have prepared this sacred Circle for you, O Wise One,
Come now into me, your Priestess,
Fill me with your presence
O gracious Queen of Witches
As I do perform this Rite in your honor.

(Imagine the Dark Moon and see this haze descending from the moon into you.  Feel Her slowly envelope you, starting at the top of your head and slowly moving down to your feet.  Feel this vibrating energy of the Goddess Hecate filling your very being.  When Her energies reach your feet, know that you are walking as Hecate, as She is you and you are She.  (Note:  you can use this invocation or another one from Invocations to Hecate)

You are now empowered by the Goddess of the Dark Moon.  Use this enhanced ability wisely and speak Her words. 

Charge of the Crone Hecate

I am the Queen of Magick, hidden in the deepest night.
I am the mystery of the other world and the fear that coils
about your heart in the times of your trial.  I am the soul of
nature that gives form to the Universe.
My torches light the way for enlightenment and illumination.
My sickle of death cuts away things that are dead & no longer needed
It is I who awaits you at the end of your spiral dance.
I am She who has no secrets but a thousand secrets.
I am the aged Old Crone of Darkness who face of death
portends life anew and filled with Luna's secrets.
All acts of magick and mysteries are my rituals and
My greatest ritual is love itself.
You who seek to remove My veil and know My true face,
Know that all your questing and efforts are for not,
Until thy own face beholds and knows the mysteries of they own self.
For you to truly know Me, you must look in your own heart
and know and accept thy self.
For those of you who call upon Me
and My powers for magick, beware!
For My magaick is swift and without regards to the consequences.
Those that know Me shall glide safely through troubles,
For it is My dark cloak of protection that is wrapped about you.
Close your eyes My child and call to me, for I am there,
within your Darkness. 

When you have finished for the night, ground your power by either stepping out of it, placing your hands physically upon the ground or eating food. 

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If the moon is full and you wish a Drawing Down of the Full Moon, visit Hecate and Drawing Down the Moon.

If you wish a detail Dark Moon or Full Moon ritual visit my detailed rituals which I have provided. 


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