The Pentagram is usually made out of brass, gold, silver, wood, wax, or clay with a flat surface having the Pentagram (the five pointed star) and other related magical symbols embossed on it. The Pentagram, the five pointed star, was taken from Ceremonial Magic. In this ancient art, it was used for protection or a tool used to evoke spirit.

In the Craft it represents the element of Earth and generally is used to place amulets, charms or other items to be consecrated and charged. Some Witches buy a piece of round wood and using a burning tool to inscribe the Pentagram and other various items on it like runes and symbols. Some Witches also add gem stones and crystals for more empowerment.

Some Witches call the Pentagram the Witch’s Star and it helps us to remember our tools of magick: the blade of penetrating mind (to know); the flame (the staff) of our will and actions (to will), the cup of our emotions (to dare) the pentacle of our earthy bodies (to keep silent), the infinity sign of spirit guide. The star is in itself a medicine wheel and can be used in any number of ways. It can spin, so that emphasis can be placed in any particular arm or arms of the star as appropriate. Point the five arm upward to raise energy, for example, or the earth arm downward for grounding.

To bless yourself with the Witche’s Star when you feel the need to or to do each and every morning goes as follows: Starting at third-eye with finger, then go to left hip, then to the right shoulder, then to left shoulder, to right hip and then back to third eye again. You have drawn the Witche’s Star on your person. Christians make the sign of the cross when they enter their temples. Since the Goddess’ temple is everywhere and in everything, we need no temple to bless ourselves. A simple blessing something during the day will invoke the Goddess into us and helps us feel more connected and sacred.


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