When you get a chance, please visit the Links below which are my favoriate places to visit and shop for all of my magickal needs.   I hope you will find them as magickal as I have.   If you are interested in other Witchcraft websites, visit Witche's Voice.. 


                                        Alabe - free horoscope website - you need to know your time of birth.
                                         Magickal Moon - beautiful work
                                         Moonprints - receive a report on your relationship to the Moon when you were born as well as what life experiences due to the moon's position..MoonPrints a
                                         CrescentMoonGoddess - pagan supply store
                                         GypsyMoon - pagan supply store
                                        Grandma's Candle Shop - a great pagan shop for all your magickal needs
                                         AzureGreen - another great pagan shop
                                        Heart Magick ~ Mermaid Magickal Arts - wonderful incense, oils, etc. which graces my altar
                                        Goddess Gallery - beautiful pictures of the Goddess in her different aspects
                                         Nature - wonderful besom shop
                                        My Mids
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