Try to time this ritual with the Dark of the Moon for best results. You will need a black or other suitable candle, incense, a chalice, wine or cup of juice, a small disk of salt, pencil and parchment paper. You will want a small table or stand for an altar, if you do not already have an altar, with a chair or pillows for sitting. Decorations of black cats, owls, wolves, ravens, cauldrons and black stones if you have them would also be nice.


"Dark Mother, Hecate, Guardian of the Akashic Records, Keeper of the Great Cauldron of life, I call upon You to be here with me now. I need your guidance, as I strive for spiritual knowledge and growth. Help me also with (state your magickal purpose). I wish with all my heart to accomplish these desires in a positive way. If these are not to be my good, reveal to me the direction to take and the goals to which I should aspire. I await your guidance and directions."

Now sit quietly for a few moments concentrating upon your wishes. Lay out the Tarot cards, cast the runes, or do another form of divination. When you are finished with the silent meditation, fold the paper, light it from the candle and drop it into the metal bowl to burn. Then send the ashes off to the directions of the air. Then say:

"I give my desire and dreams into your keeping. Great Hecate. By Air, I create the seed. By Fire, I warm it, by water, I nourish it, and by earth, I cause it to grow. From Spirit, I draw the power to make all things possible. Join me in celebration of the power of the Goddess."

Hold up the chalice and say a blessing then drink from it and pour into the libation bowl as an offering:

All Life is your own

All fruits of the Earth

All fruits of your womb, Great Mother

Your union, your dance

Goddess Hecate

I thank you for your blessings and abundance

Join with me, feast with me, enjoy with me.

Blessed Be.

"Thank you Dark Mother, Hecate."

Dismiss the quarters, extinguish the candle, dispose of the ashes.

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